Internet of things or IoT is a network of connected devices, sensors, home of office appliances, security systems and many more network-enabled devices. These devices can exchange data in their own individual networks and together can build up a smart and intelligent eco-system which is efficient, cost-effective and needs less or none human exertions.

What we do

We have been working on IoT and HMI (Human Machine Interface) for a long while delivering efficient eco-system for home, office and factory automation. Our custom-built micro-controllers, cloud-based infrastructure and cross-platform applications help us to provide modern and flawless implementation of IoT and HMI systems.

We have developed remote monitoring and controlling systems, where users can monitor and control their remote devices, sensors, actuators, PLC & RTU units from a web app hosted in our cloud servers. We have also developed zero-configuration based IoT applications to log and monitor information streamed from IoT devices in a local network.

How we do

To provide a perfect IoT platform to our clients, we need a staged and well architectured layers of networking, electronic controllers and software tuned accordingly. Algonics provides complete expertise and solutions to achieve this.

We mostly use open source technologies for our development. The backbone of most of our IoT and HMI applications is Python. We use cache server like Redis and build big data architecture over non-relational database system like MongoDb to provide fast, reliable and flawless IoT experience.

We have expertise in developing IoT & HMI systems over all the modern communications protocols like HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, mDNS, HTTP/2 and so on.

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