From the hoary past, beyond the reaches of recorded history, the Egyptian Sphinx sits in veneration, gazing at the rising sun each day, the source of inexhaustible energy for life on earth. The power to harness such energy is the key to the onward march of civilisation. Starting from the invention of fire down to every machine built, man has devised more and more complex usage of energy. In electricity it achieves its magical form, best amenable to human ingenuity. At present, science behind this craft has reached it peak in harmony with digital electronics and its immense real-time computing power.

What we do

This science of Power Electronics has its application in various places like and Algonics has proven expertise to develop these systems as per specific requirements.

1. Capture and usage of solar energy from photovoltaic cells
2. Controlling traction drives in trains.
3. Control of various motive power including, electric vehicles, ships, and various motors.
4. Conversion of power from different AC levels to different DC level and vice-versa.
5. Providing uninterrupted power to various critical machines and systems with battery backups.

Some of our bigger design and development ventures are:

  • Integrated Power Supply for Indian Railways.
  • MPPT Solar Pump.
  • Bidirectional unity power factor, isolated AC/DC power supply.
  • Variable Frequency Source.

How we do

In Algonics, you shall find the expertise of digital power electronics as applied in various such domains. We design and develop new systems as per specific requirements ranging from 100W systems to 100KW or more. We have expertise for grid tied systems with control of active and reactive components. We can design SMPS for various topologies including MPPT based solar chargers. We can integrate such systems with other SCADA or other information networks with associated software and hardware. We use latest digital signal processing capable 4 processors with 0 bit accumulators, mated perfectly to high power IGBTs and MOSFETs as switching devices. We have core competence to design various magnetics using state-of-the-art simulation tools. We have latest programmers, debuggers and emulators for power electronic applications along with a large I.P. library of proven firmware covering FIR, IIR, FFT, PID and other sophisticated algorithms.

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