HMI on Browser

HMI or Human Machine Interface plays an important role in all modern industries. HMI is an interface which permits the interaction between a machine and a human. We have been working on HMI systems for several years. Our expertise allows us to provide our customers a cloud-based ecosystem, which is real-time, reliable, platform independent, fast and needs a minimal setup to run.

How it works?

Primarily, an HMI would have two components, the input and the output. The input component is the way to instruct the machine to do some tasks.The task may vary on the type on the machine, and so the input method. The user may give the input by pressing a physical button or via a touch panel using some input controls present on a software. The output component of an HMI is responsible to keep the users updated with the latest values of the system or the current jobs the machine is doing. If the system is attached to our cloud infrastructure, we send those real-time values to our cloud server, which is then used to generate alarms, reports & events, and get stored in our cloud database for future viewing.

What we provide?

In some recent years, we have developed HMI systems for different industries. We have developed remote sensor monitoring systems for factories, train monitoring system for Indian Railway, and mobile apps for home automation. Our HMI solution includes seamless integration between different sensors, microcontrollers, embedded devices and our cloud infrastructure. Our system is able to fetch data from all kind of sensors using custom developed microcontrollers, or readily available control devices like PLCs or RTUs. Users can view those data live from our browser based HMI application running locally in the factory, or hosted in the cloud. The HMI application also facilitates report generation, logged data viewing, live alarms & events, and configuring different parameters of the connected devices or industrial machines. We use HTML5, Angular JS, SVG and CSS3 to build our User Interfaces (UI), which not only makes them platform independent, but also modern, sleek and easy to use.

Cross-platform Applications and cloud infrastructure

We have already discussed that our HMI system can run on our own cloud infrastructure. This allows us to create cross-platform mobile applications which can be used for real-time data analysis, alarm & event notifications, graphs & charts generation, and real-time control. We also provide HTTP APIs to integrate with existing web applications, servers or mobile apps.

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